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Data Set Inventory
Data Set Inventory

The Metropolitan East Coast (MEC) study region is a 31 county district comprising the greater New York metropolitan area. We have complied the following data layers for use in the MEC GIS:

  • Tiger Files 97 US Census Bureau:
    • Political Boundaries, Roads, Landmarks, Water Bodies, Streams, and Demographic Information by Census Tract & Block
  • Climate Models from the CCS and Hadley Center
  • NYC DEP Watershed Layers: Watershed Bounds, Reservoirs, Streams, Farms, Monitoring Sites, 20’ Contours, & Political Divisions
  • Landsat Thematic Mapper 7
  • USGS Digital Elevation Models
  • USGS 1:250,000 Land Use Description
  • National Wetland Inventory
  • NJDEP 1:58,000 Land Use Classifications
  • Digital Ortho-Photo Quadrangles for New Jersey & Long Island
  • NPA Data Growth Projection Data
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